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Elok's professional design, development and manufacturing services are independently accredited to ISO 9001 by KEMA, certificate number 96999. (Please view our certificate).
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We constantly strive to improve the products we offer and welcome feedback from our clients - helping us to improve continuously and serve you better.
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Certificates, CE Marking and European Directives

CE MarkMost electrical and electronic equipment placed on the European market has to carry a CE mark and have a Declaration of Conformity (DOC) from the manufacturer. 

The two most popular directives that have to be applied are the Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) directive 2004/108/EC (was 89/336/EEC) - all to do with equipment not causing or responding to electrical interference, and the Low Voltage Directive (LVD) directive 2006/95/EC (was 73/23/EEC) - this is a safety directive and carries important legal responsibilities. 

In addition, lead-free (RoHS) and recycling directives (WEEE) need to be addressed, although these are not strictly CE-marking directives - please see below. 

Please click to view our ATEX certificateWhether we are manufacturing your own design or developing a product for you, we offer support for these and several other directives, including the Atmospheric Explosible (ATEX) directive 94/9/EC. (Please view our certificate).

We can design-in EMC, perform EMC testing with our in-house laboratory, and provide you with all the necessary documentation for compliance. 

Suppliers to the European market must now address two other directives, RoHS  and WEEE 
The Restriction of the use of certain Hazardous Substances restricts substances such as lead. 

This Directive has been mandatory since 1 July 2006. 

We offer lead- free paste solutions to meet these requirements. 

The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive has been mandatory since 13 August 2005.

A label must now be fitted to new equipment. (Wheelie bin crossed-out). If you are a member of a trade organization, we recommend you discuss your products with them. 




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